Kitchen Sinks

Stoneworx is proud to offer premium kitchen sinks and faucets manufactured by C-TECH-I. These luxury products are made in Italy and showcase the uncompromising integrity of Italian production. Made of surgical grade 304 stainless steel, C-TECH-I produces top quality sinks using the finest materials and craftsmanship.

In collaboration with Italy’s renowned designer Giovanni Sanremo, C-TECH-I has developed an elite range of kitchen sinks and faucets. Our new Imperial Line offers an exciting perspective on design and creates an elegant and refined kitchen environment.


LSS-200LSS-100Marsala ZR-100Messina ZS-100Cirene LI-500LVS-400Garda LI-300-SLVS-500Trevi LI-2900Leone ZR-200Betica LI-700Massilia LI-100-MLusitania LI-200-MLVS-400-REmilia LI-1900