Exotic Stone


Onyx is a precious stone with layers of different colours.  It is a sedimentary rock formed in cave interiors.  Onyx has a long history of being used for jewelry.

This exotic natural stone is about luxury and glamour. Onyx is most often used for fireplace surrounds, bar tops, table tops and islands because it is translucent allowing light to shine through it.


Quartzite is a compact granular rock composed of quartz and derived from sandstone by metamorphism.  It comes in a variety of colour combinations from green to pink to black.  You can often see remains of small sand grains or pebbles in the rock which makes it attractive and different for countertop use.

Exotic Stone Inventory

WhiteLady OnyxGrey OnyxRedBronzettaGolden CosmosCopper DuneCoppolo VoroCosmic BlackAzul BahiaEarth GlitterBlack Galaxy